Peaceful Dreams




Herbal Tea/Caffeine Free. Relax and wind down with smooth and soft chamomile and soothing peppermint. Ingredients: Organic chamomile flowers, organic mint leaves, organic rose hips, organic rose petals, organic lemon balm, organic ginger. Size: 1 Oz.


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About The Creator

Leaf Logic was born out of a love for creating tea designed for wellness and delicious to sip. Our story began over a decade ago during my college years as a theatre major. My throat would hurt after long periods of singing and I discovered I had developed vocal nodes. In the throes of performances and continuing my musical theatre education, I medicated myself with the only thing that soothed my sore throat – piping hot herbal tea. The problem was that the herbal teas I knew were good for me were also barely palatable. After months of trying to stomach the herbal teas I had purchased, I had enough. I bought ingredients and mixed tea leaves and dried herbs until the tea brew tasted good. And, that was it – the first Leaf Logic blend was born.